Dock Kitchen

Dock Kitchen is Stevie Parle’s West London restaurant.


Stevie runs an experimental kitchen always adapting the menu and trying new things depending on what is in season, what far flung place he or another of the chefs have visited, or what new ingredient they have come across abroad or at home. Dishes are collected, adapted, and recreated Dock Kitchen style. Once a month we run a fixed, shared meal instead of our regular a la carte offering. The focus for this meal might be a specific place, a particular ingredient or just an idea that inspires us to cook exciting things.  Our new Cookbook Club sees food writers visit the Dock Kitchen and cook from their latest books.



The Dock Kitchen - Book a Table

Photo by Peer Lindgreen

Found in a converted Victorian Wharf building as part of an urban regeneration project by Derwent London (also responsible for the Tea Building in Shoreditch), The Dock Kitchen is located by the Grand Union Canal in Ladbroke Grove, West London. The original brick arches and beamed ceilings have been preserved and combined with an exclusive display of the full Tom Dixon collection of furniture and lighting to create an honest, open space in keeping with Stevie’s food. The Tom Dixon shop resides directly beneath the restaurant housing pieces from over a dozen international designers.